I have a limited number of slots available in my schedule for new SEO projects. Whether your website is shiny and new, or older but in need of a little more search engine traffic, then I can help you with both ethical link-building and onpage optimisation. Contact me for prices and details here.

What Can I Do?

I’ve worked as a freelance SEO for several years and have created several of my own profitable websites by attracting search engine traffic to my projects.

Many of the sites I’ve optimised rank at #1 in Google out of millions of other sites – and the methods I use are only those recommended by those who work at Google and other search engines (I keep my knowledge up-to-date and my rankings once achieved, can be maintained with minimal ongoing work).

Some of My #1 Rankings Include:

Google Search for Lishi – ‘NorthLondonLishi’ charity site ranked #1 of 915,000 Sites [Last checked: 24/03/10]

Google Search for Free Comedy Videos – blog ranked #1 of 44.8 Million Sites [Last checked: 24/03/10]

More examples are available on request.